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At Splash Car Care we believe service and quality have become forgotten in the name of low cost and cheaper products. We strive to restore a higher standard in our shop that focuses on quality work and craftsmanship and superior customer quality.

Splash Car Care was formed in 2013 with a goal of providing top notch car detailing, car repairing, Latest wheel alignment,Denting Painting and car accessories services. Splash Car Care is a professional company that brings a talent and passion for car maintenance to you. All our employees are fully trained using professional standards so you can rest assured your vehicle will be in hands of a true professional.

One of our most important goal is to provide you with service that is personalized to your individual needs. We only provide the service that you require.We will give you our honest opinion on your car’s condition, along with our ideas on how to improve it. We don’t profess to be magicians, but we have been known in the past to work some magic.

Splash Car Care philosophy is truly unique. We never overbook our clients and when we are finished , we leave nothing behind but a perfect vehicle!

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